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Saturday, April 16, 2005



I will have to try this dish, it sounds good!

Have you ever had Mexican food? You can find it all over the Southwest United States, like in Arizona, where I live. If you like chicken and veggies, you might like fajitas.



Hi Mari,
This recipe contains both Korean equivalent of miso and red pepper powder.



Hi huang
Ah I will try all your recipe. I can not live without Korean food. I love it!! Anyway I am looking for a recipe of noodle. Because the site which had that was closed. It was....I boil pork, and its soup and hot sweet red pepper miso and normal Miso mix, and then..... I forget. Do you know that??? I miss it so much! Thank you for your nice recipe!

Hi Robert
Thank you, I am embarrased to call this simple one "recipe". Anyway I am not sure you can find Misozuke pickles in the U.S easily. But I hope you can try this.

Hi Mamiko san
Konnichiwa!! welcome to my blog. Yes Chris knew my page. I am glad if you like my recipe. There is not sea food, so I hope Chris enjoy it too.

Hi Johnny Angel
Your Korean post knocked out me. I love Korean food and your all picture of food are great. Your cooking seem always great. I wish I could try :-)

Hi Clair
Arigato for your nice words, yes comfort food? tender food? healing food? This is such type of food. Flavor of lemon will make you relax actually. Please try.


Hi Mari,
I rushed over when I read the caption of this post at my blog's RSS feed.

To me, this dish could well have been Japanese and I would be none the wiser.

I have a small collection of Korean recipes at my blog at http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/huangsy88/folder/2209176.html


wow. your mom ROCKS!!! I have my mom's recipe for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (with, GET THIS, TWO pieces of bread!!!!) I'm still trying to get the hang of it. I can never remember which side the jelly goes on....oh relax people. I'm kidding! this looks excellent though! I suppose it's too late for your mom to adopt me?...okay. okay. fair enough. I guess I'll make my own soup. I love Ochazuke though..so quick, so simple..with the umeboshi. oh! Now that IS comfort food!. why am I getting hungry again? I'll Blame it on Johnny's food blog. Stop with the yummy pictures already! I keep licking my monitor and it tastes horrible! (¸___¸)


Hi, Mari-san! Got the blog URL from Chris and have already enjoyed some of the articles :) The chicken & rice soup looks really tasty --- I guess I will print out the recipe, too!

Jonny Angel

Looks good! I'm going to post some pictures of my Korean food... come visit my blog.

Claire (クレア)

Dear Mari-san, in any language, this is "comfort food". You eat it and it makes you feel good, a warm glow spreads over you... I have none of the ingredients on hand, otherwise I would be standing in front of the stove instead of sitting in front of the computer right now! 今レシピをプリントします!

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