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Friday, April 01, 2005



I think the key is to eat it regularly, just a little bit at a time. They sell it in small 50gr packs where I live


I've tried Natto. Not enjoyable. But now I'm interested in the Nattokinase supplement.

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That's amazing this is one of the many reasons people in adult and older people in Japan are healthy..

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I would love to try Notto! I love Japanese food, and I can not believe that I have not tried it yet! Definitively, the next time I go to a Japanese restaurant, I will ask for Notto first of all !

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I love Japanese food, however, I have not tried Notto, but it seems delicious! I would also like to cook it by myself!

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If psychologically prepared, all preparations have been completed..


Thanks for the amazing post, Now I will read time to time that...

So Spiffy

Thanks for posting this.. do you know how much one would have to eat in order to achieve those benefits.

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