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Wednesday, April 13, 2005



I want to be in two places within a year to see the cherry trees bloom. I've never been "back East" to Washington D.C. in the spring time. And I also would certainly like to visit Tokyo (and as much of the rest of Japan as I can afford to see) as well!


Hi Tamashii
Yes I agree, I love to watch pics of Sakura too. Japanese seems to have some SAKURA DNA?? ha ha ha. Sakura makes us crazy easily.

Hi ramil
I am always impressed your good sense for cover of blog at first.

Hi abraxis
Kirin Chuhai you liked?! Hmm which taste you like most? I like grape ftuit.

Hi nadhry
You seemed to enjoy your hanami with your friend. Anyway Suntory name from a founder.. ahh perhaps Toriyama?


Oh, I envy all of you. I just watched to some friends pictures of the hanami...
I would love to hear the wind flowing thru my hair, the sakura peacefully falling to the ground, and finally, a soul from the ground making its way to the top... Hehehe, quite inspired, just by looking at a picture!


it was my first hanami! the sakura's were A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
too bad there were rains this week, i was not able to enjoy them more.

those cherry blossoms lifted up my spirits!





I got hooked on Kirin Chu-Hi on my previous visits to Tokyo.

Mmmmmmm. Sooo good and sooo economical! Hits the spot when beer or nihonshu is too heavy...


Hi, I just found your site a week ago and i liked it. So where did you go for hanami on sunday? I really enjoy hanamis too and Last week I went to shinjuku gyoen, ueno koen and koganei koen. By the way i think there are some typos on this one (alchole & suntry = alcohol & suntory?). :)

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