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Wednesday, April 06, 2005



bu qanday


Hi Robert
Silk Road sex books and Rockstar buddhas? Ha such oliental crazy is exotic for north american? he he

Hi kerryfeliz
Really I envy you. When we visit there, no AC would be fun and nicer than very cool. We could experience real silk road.


hi,greetings from singapore! I have travelled the silk road with local tour agency few years back. It started from Xinjiang to Xi-an. a interestiing experience. It was winter then and the hotel facilities ain't good. the heaters are not working most of the time. We travelled by tour bus, train and plane. Silk road rocks!


the Kama Sutra was written in the 2nd Century B.C......uh..maybe I didn't need to share that fact here? Hmmm but I bet it would've been a good place to hang out and sell books to the passing merchants...."look buddy, you're gonna be walking a looooong time, why don't you buy this here "relationship instruction manual" to help you pass the time..*wink*" I wonder if that explains the early popularity of the Kama Sutra? If so..One more thing to thank that ol' Silk Road for. Can you imagine when the first five stringed lute was introduced? They were probably like "Okay, someone was walking too close to the wrong end of a camel!" Buddha was all "Oh give it to me. I bet I can play it!" ah those were the good ol' days. Silk Road Sex Books and RockStar Buddhas. Makes me nostalgic (¯__¯)Ÿ

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