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Monday, April 25, 2005


Tuna Steak

Quite a relish.. I prepared and nothing was left over.. Nice recipe..


sucks, no sesame seeds


hi mari! can't wait to try your recipes! :)


Wow great recipe, Beer!! That will be point, a kind of bitter and sour taste?! I will try this during this Golden week. Thank you very much.

Hi Santos
Not sure you may find Japanese yam there, but you are super cook, so you can rearange into your version. Tell me when you cook and up it your blog.


sounds yummy, mari! i will try this soon.


The tuna sounds great!!! The grated daikon is going to give this dish an interesting character. I have tried mixing my own J style salad dressing....

AzianBrewer's Super Jressing!
-2 tbsp Lime Juice
-3 tbsp Light Kikkomen Soy Sauce
-2 tbsp Ale or Lager (yes, beer!!! Drink the rest)
-1/4 tsp Grated ginger
-2 tsp Miso paste
-2 tsp canola oil or sunflower seed oil
-Several drops of sesame oil
-Toasted sesame (optional)

*If you decide to use this as a dipping sauce for steak...substitute grated ginger with Wasabi powder.

Whip up everything together and pair your salad with a nice glass of Hitachino Red Rice Ale....


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