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Saturday, April 23, 2005



Hi mari!

I really enjoy your blog.
I live in france and I'm interesting to buy "ma mail" for my boyfriend. I don't find a website in english or french to buy this! Please, help me.

See you soon by mail.




Hi Small Blue Thing
Yes that beans so nice. I want one too.

Hi Joe
Ah you want to one? Please sometimes get a new skirt to her. :-p

Hi Azim
Thank you for your nice words! Yes I am very happy to get a proof reading always. Thank you very much. I do not want to burden so much, so please copy post and send proof version to me by mail.

Small Blue Thing

Oh... I'd prefer the beans, actually.

Blue Thing


yeah.. i'll buy one..
if they have "hey.. u still owe me 50 bucks.." =P


I really enjoy Your blog! This was another interesting post! May I ask if You still need proofreaders?

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