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Thursday, May 12, 2005


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Stephanie Cross

anyone have a link to the best wasabi mayo that can be purchased online??


Hi there
Now I understand I eat Japanese mayo, and it means foreign mayo is different. Hmm How? sore? sweet? Since mayo is high calories, I buy calories half always.
Like Claire said we breand many other seasoning to mayo, wasabi, karashi. I like to brend mayo with sesami paste.


Hi Mari,
In Australia we have people that put tomato sauce (ketchup) on EVERYTHING....similar to 'mayorer' in Japan, perhaps?
Japanese mayo is nice tho - so much creamier than what we have in Australia :)


Hi jux dropping by. I love ur site ^o^


hmmm. Mayo. month and continental cuisine condiment. Sure I love it, but I can't imagine it on my dessert (well there was that one time in Alabama when I had it served over the top of some bartlett pear halves and topped with with cheddar cheese. My arteries still complain about it. I find the whole idea of wasabi and karashi flavors intoxicating..but you know my secret deviance with this densely dolloped dalliance? Why none other than Indian curry powder and a hint of beaumonde seasoning to dip steamed artichoke into..of course it works on broccoli, cauliflower ( a spicy chili powder variation is also good)..Oh I won't introduce you to my sickness, but I do like the Kewpie ( not just for the cute bottle) especially if it is served with shredded cabbage and tonkatsu. It rounds out the palate nicely. ;p all this and I still haven't said.. I do not eat it as much lately. somehow this is a good thing? ®


Looks so delicious x_X


Do I? I am kupo nuts about Kewpie Mayonaise. I put it on sushi, okonomiyaki, yaki soba, kyoza, salads, cold noodles, omelettes, gratin, pasta, you name it.

The other sauce that I am addicted to is Thai sweet chilli sauce (or chicken sauce). These two sauces are highly addictive.

Oh yeah... I better go home and try to cook myself a Mayo ramen.


Yup Hellmann's is the best selling mayo here in the States. The French and Belgian worship this great invention so much that they dip their fries with it. I find the mayo in Asia are much sweeter than the mayo from the States. Taiwanese mayo sweet as hell and ma used to boil up some chunks of bamboo shoots and dip it with the sweet. And what is the secret sauce in Big Mac??? Mayo and Ketchup or Catsup.

Claire (クレア)

I like wasabi mayo and karashi mayo on some things, but I am not a mayore. Where did the custom of putting karashi mayo on yakisoba come from? I like that quite a lot, when the yakisoba is quickly fried and not greasy. Too bad the Japanese grocers no longer sell karashi mayo here anymore! American wasabi mayo does not taste as good as Japanese wasabi mayo, I think.


i'm not the biggest mayo fan but i like japanese mayo and spicy mayo. i once saw shingo mama on tv holding a mayo tube and he was just randomly eating mayo while being interviewed. i was shocked!!


We ate this Sushi place called "Memories of Japan" all the time, and they seem to put what they call "Japanese Mayo" in almost everything. It is very good, I always get the "Happy Roll" which is smoked salmon,mayo, crispy crunch, avocado, and crab with sesame seeds.

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