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Monday, May 30, 2005



Hello, nice to meet you.
My name's Maximiliano Takahashi.I write a blog for giving information to Brasilians in portugees.Yes, as you say, Mobilsuit Gundam is a obsession or curse to my generation.


I wrote an entry about the movie above.I would trackback that.


Yes AB, I know Gacchaman. I like that theme song. "Dareda! Dareda! Dareda!!", it is my friends favorite karaoke. In Japan Gundam Seed and wing are thought for "kids", and Gundam fans are so disappointed.
Yes Clair, the shop where all stuff wear gundam costume is Joshin denki. Hello kawa oh really I don't know they are such big in Asia too. Ah nadhry, I don't know shop, but there is museum.


Azian Brewer: Our "Battle of the Planets" (G-Force) was their first season of "Space Ninja (?) Gatchaman". It was a pretty bloody series as far as I remember (that was no sonic boomerang lah!). There was a second season, Gatchaman Fighter, where everyone died at the end I think.

I remember Z Gundam from 1985. It was my favourite series, much better than Gundam Seed and Wing.

And in the States, we had Ultraman and Ultra Seven. Our version of Seven had Dan go "mmm hmmm!" before he put on the glasses that allowed him to transform into Seven...

Mmmmm hmmmmm!


Ultraman and Gundam are quite big here in Malaysia.

I can't wait for the new Gundam Z movie though I've not seen the original series.

Ultraman Nexus is pretty good.

クレア (Claire)

In Nipponbashi Denden Town in Osaka, Joshin Denki has a store dedicated solely to Gundam merchandise. (Sorry, there does not seem to be a link to that shop, only to Joshin Denki's page. I guess they don't want a lot of people who are interested in anime to tie up their site!) I was only looking for a camera, so I didn't stop there...


Do you remember G-Force?? 4 young dudes and a gal dressed in bird costumes fighting for peace and justice.



It's funny that you to mention ultraman and ultraseven. I kind of grew up watching them on TV, that and doraemon. Do you know if there is a shop for ultraman goods too?

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