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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Account Deleted

A good laptop is with best configuration and to handle any modern game and applications. Also in cheap price and is comfortable with pretty good features.


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I just stumbled upon your blog after reading your blog posts wanted to say thanks.i highly appreciate the blogger for doing this effort.


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"Toshiba Dynabook; CPU/Pentium 4-M, RAM/512MB, HD/60GB, DVD multi-drive, TV tuner set. It's price is 123,524 yen." good choice!

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Its not always necessary that a good laptop bears a big cost. Refurbs are the best option to enjoy more by paying less.

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I will look into Averatec myself. They are not very common at large stores here, but I may be able to find a good deal on one.

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A good laptop must have the best machine,wide screen,large keyboard and less weight and of course, it should not be much expensive

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I will recommend that you should go with a Dell or HP laptops, both are really nice the only problem in Dell is that their customer service is not that good.

Check out HP laptops which are really nice.

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Avoid buying reconditioned batteries and this is always due to the fact that reconditioned batteries do not last for a long time. On the other hand, they are discarded very easily. Also, refurbished laptop batteries can be very dangerous for the user in case of fire or explosion and can be dangerous to run the laptops in the length.

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A good laptop must have the best machine,wide screen,large keyboard and less weight and of course, it should not be much expensive

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Which shop is reliable in Akihabara, Japan to buy Used Apple, Dell, Sony & Toshiba Laptops.


dear costormer, how much are u selling urlaptop i mean this Toshiba Satellite A75-S229. thanks.

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to buy pention 4 laptop from your stores
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So what did you end up buying? I'm just curious coz my wife might get a good deal for a Sotec WinBook WV730. Let me know. Thanks!

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