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Friday, May 06, 2005



Hi There
I am very glad to know this post could be good information for people who visit Japan. Yes please enjoy your morning set in Japan. Anyway Gwen, you are soooo kneen. That is the most weired food recently I saw. It is Melon pan spa. A kind of pasta of "fake melon flavor bread", melonpan spa. いりません!絶対!


Why isn't the morning set a Japanese breakfast ? No porridge with small side dishes ?


Ha.. I remember the first morning set I ever ate in Japan. I just got a cheap set, I think it was 250Y for coffee, toast, and a hard boiled egg. I asked for second cup of coffee, it was not free, it was another 250Y. So I just ordered another morning set. The waitress looked at me like I was crazy.




Mari, can you please tell me what is the green spaghetti dish? It looks so strange >_< but I want to know what it is made of and how you eat it. Is it dessert? Please explain ^_^;


おいしそう!!! I love 喫茶店! It's just so Japanese and has such romantic atmosphere. When I was in London 4 years ago, the lady in my small hotel made me English breakfast every morning. And it's huge!! コーンフレークスとミルクと卵とオレンジジュスとトーストとトマトとソーセージととミルクティーも食べました。I am still full from that breakfast... Burp!


Mmmmmm. Sounds great!

When I was leaving Nagoya on the Shinkansen going back to Tokyo, I went to a tonkatsu restaurant on the 11th (?) floor of the Nagoya Station building.

Got a delicious obento with a menchi katsu and a tonkatsu with cheese inside.

That was good but it's great to know about the cafe culture there. Next time I'll chow down before the ride back to Tokyo!

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