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Tuesday, May 10, 2005




You could try this new site I've found (http://www.buy-proxy.com) which was set-up specifically to solve situations like this.


Hi there
yes, Sebastien. Actually that is my options. Yamagiwa Japanese ligthing company have that lighing but it is very expensive and it is very cheap in Denmark. Since lighting shipping cost is not so expensive. I am thinking to buy one. Hi Bjorn yes IKEA will come next year. I cannot wait but hopefully they save the price. Not make Japanese price.


Hi Mari, following up on Sebastien: Ikea is opening in Japan next year, right? http://www.ikea.jp
They tried to go to Japan in the 70s before but failed then. This time they'll probably do much better. As far as I heard the Japanese business model will be less based on 'build it together yourself' but more on 'we'll do it for you' than the US or European stores, but let's see!


Hey Mari, how about this lamp ?


It is not the real thing but it's definitly ispired by the Panton Lamp...and probably way cheaper if one of your european contact could send it to you ;-)

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