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Monday, May 23, 2005



Yup, yup. Kaya is high cholesterol food (spread). It is made with eggs and coconut milk (plus sugar, colouring).

A Taiwanese guy was in town and requested to try it, so we ate that on toast just before dinner !

The 2 dominant kaya players in Singapore are Ya Kun and Killiney's. Ya Kun opened its 1st outlet in Seoul recently.

Ya Kun sells kaya in glass bottles but I find it too smooth for my liking. I usually bring plastic jars of Killiney's kaya for friends in HK. The plastic containers are not as air-tight as glass bottles but don't break, so I feel they travel better.

However, my personal fave kaya is from Chin Bee Chin in Katong (eastern part of Singapore). It is a standalone shop and not a chain like the other 2.

Yes, Yeo Hiap Seng sells bottled kaya, so does Gloria.


Hi AB, thank you I understand what is kaya. It sounds very delicious. I want to try. yes cel, I agree with you. I cannot agree 100% with them, there is no Jean-Luc Godard movie. ( I do not like his movie though)


Regarding Time's 100 best films. These lists are always more interesting for what they leave out (Hitchock's Vertigo and Rear Window, for example; or even David Lynch's Blue Velvet, which is surely more interesting than the 1986 version of The Fly). Anyway, in terms of Japanese cinema, while I love the masters from the 50s and early 60s, I am most partial to the Japanese New Wave directors, like Koji Wakamatsu, who directed Go, Go, Second Time Virgin (Yuke Yuke Nidome No Shojo) and Ecstacy of the Angels.


Kaya is the Malay version of custard. Quite similar to the gooey stuff that they put in the cream puff. I think it is made of raw eggs, sugar (brown sugar??) and coconut oil or cream. It is very rich tasting. They sell them in a can. I think Yeo's is the only company that export them.


Hi there
Hmm everybody like raw egg, so maybe I should change my image foreign people do not like it. Huang, no I don't know Kaya toast. It close to poached egg? we will find it coffeeshop?! it is a kind of desert for them?!


Do they put coconut oil in Kaya?? They are quite fattening! I don't mind eating raw eggs but I am just too afraid of salmonella.


I love rice with raw egg. Raw egg is also good for dipping sukiyaki. However, my mother thinks it's disgusting.


Your blog pet has been writing again. If only I can get it to work with my blog ! Sigh !

Mari, have you tried soft boiled eggs with kaya toast in Singapore. Actually the eggs are not even boiled. The eggs are put in a metal container and hot boiling water is poured over them, submerging the eggs. The container is left covered for several minutes.

These eggs are then eaten with black soya sauce and a dash of pepper. Usually served in coffeeshops selling kaya toast.

I stop eating such eggs because of cholesterol and fear of salmonella. ^-^



クレア (Claire)

Tampopo, Marusa no Onna, and Minbo no Onna are some of my favorite movies. Tampopo is the most funny of Juzo Itami's movies to me. The others are more serious, I think. It was a sad day for me when he died.

I've had tamagokake gohan with natto. おいしし安いし食べ物と思いますね。I think a lot of Western people are turned off by the thought of the raw egg, but when you put it on a hot bowl of rice, most of it gets cooked. The effect is a lot like having a poached or soft-boiled egg.

I can't imagine tamagokake gohan with mayo, though. ちょっとへんと思いますね。マヨレが好きでしょ。


I've never tried Tamago Kake Gohan. I might try it tomorrow...

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