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Wednesday, May 18, 2005



^___^ imagine my surprise while researching templates to use for my school presentation on the Japanese Internment, to find my dear friend! Happy you are still blogging! <3


FPPT.info offers710+ Powerpoint Design Templates that are organized by Categories and Tags for sorting and easy download

pedz cruz

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william anthony cruise

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hi ! i am looking out for japanese templates for yahooauctions japan does any one have any idea ! i dont mind paying .




There are some free powerpoint templates for download at http://www.templateready.com/Powerpoint/Free/Templates.html


You can download some here.

Peggy Wentworth

How can I download these Japanese templates? They are gorgeous!


Hi there
I found morning musume love machine PV and added it today. Maybe Unique templates are not so usual in other language. I did not know that. Thank you very much for all. Japanese template will work for presentation to foreign countries. ne


I'm using a pirated version of powerpoint..the only templates I have contain parrots, black skull and crossbones flags and cannons. shikatta ga nai!


Hi Mari, お久しぶりですね!I use Powerpoint a lot and do have templates. But I use US version, so I have US templates...colleagues of mine have the Italian version, but there isn't a template using the Leaning Tower o the Colosseo or the Milan's Duomo. Well, maybe 富士山、桜の花 and Furin are well suited for a presentation more than Leaning Tower and Colosseo, I guess.
I download templates for free on the http://office.microsoft.com website. Ciao!

David Costa


Portugal should have the same templates as in UK and USA. At least from comparing "standard USA" version with Portuguese version of Powerpoint, I don't see any different on the templates :)

See you.

Claire (クレア)

Well, the Japanese templates are much more interesting than the default ones that come in the US edition of PowerPoint. I don't think I could use them in a business context, either.

Fortunately, I don't have to use PowerPoint very often. I almost always use Visio. I am disappointed that many of the icons in Visio 2003 have been made three-dimensional, and now they look ugly.

If you really need a lot of not-very-interesting-looking templates for PowerPoint, and you can deal with English:

There are 3 sets of free PowerPoint templates for download from Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/results.aspx?freetext=templates&productID=B157E6F3-5AF9-48CB-A153-895C1AA220F8&DisplayLang=en>
here. With names like QUILL.POT, REDLINES.POT, RIBBONS.POT, ROMANSQE.POT, RULES.POT, SAFARI.POT, SCROLL.POT, SEASHORE.POT, SERENE.POT, SHADEBAR.POT, SIDEBAR.POT, SIDEFADE.POT, SOARING.POT, etc. they should be pretty tame. Each download is about 1.3MB, and the 'helper' text is in English.


I love Morning Musume! But I like their smaller group, Minimoni better. Their music is so happy and it makes me less depressed when I listen to it. I think the initiation and graduation idea is great this is because they won't get stale, like look at group like Speed? Speed is no longer on popular list these days, but Morning Musume is always constantly popular. Why? Because they are always changing. ^_^

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