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Monday, May 02, 2005


Ranu Parama Arta

It's a very nice movie, i watched it at celestial movie a week ago. It's very motivated kind of movie. Moreover, i do really like Ms.Hermes played by Miki Nakatani, she is so beautiful angel that sent for a generous and shy man like Mr. Densha Otoko. I still remember the story of the movie.Cool!


Does any one know of which website i can read the original postings? (translated of cos, i can't read jap...T_T )


I'd heard the story of the "Train Man" and "Miss Hermes" from a friend of mine, and then only recently (within the last day or two) found out about the movie.

The movie is really good. I had to watch it with subtitles, so I'm sure that much was "lost in translation", Even so, there were scenes in it that hit not only nerves in me, but they even made tears of sadness and of joy come to my eyes.


I hope u have seen the movie. Its really nice movie, the otaki guy was reminds me of sum1 hehehehe....too bad i could not find the movie here in Jakarta Indonesia


Hi nadhry
No I do not think this would go out from Japan. Maybe only DVD?

Hi Mami
Yes, I may watch this movie, if somebody rent me and I have nothing to do at weekend.

Hi huang
It would be 引篭もり, but 引きこもり is popular way to see in public.

Hi kuponuts
hilarious? Hmm for Japanese, it is serious issuee, We miss million people. It is amazing.


Hikikomori is more than funny, it's hilarious!


Does the word "hikikomori" by any chance originate from Chinese ? If yes, what is the Chinese character for hikikomori ?


I saw the trailer of "Densya Otoko" when my husband and I went to see a movie yesterday. I also read the site that sort of comprehensively summarized the original thread and found it quite interesting & entertaining. I will probably wait for the DVD to come out though --- it may be a good movie but I don't think this is a kind of movie that you "must" watch on a big screen with an awesome sound system :)


Another nice one there. I've checked the links and read the stories. Hmm, looks like its going to be a good movie. Is it out in Japan already?

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