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Thursday, May 05, 2005


kids clothing

I hope everyday is children's day. In that way, no child will be hurt or be killed.

Hi there
Yes, Gwen we have a joke April 4 is gay people days. AB, Huang, I think we Asian would have same origin about this Children day... Maybe from China? Not sure.


Hmmm, 5th May was also Children's Day in Korea. In Singapore, Children's Day falls on 1st Oct.


There's an old saying in China. "Carp Leaping Over Dragon Gate". A carp basically became a dragon once swam over the waterfall.


てんっぐのせっく? こどものひ?

Hina matsuri at 3 March, Boy Day at 5 May ...

But why no day at 4 April?

For gay people maybe? ^^;

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