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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Yay, I am an Australian - it's our We Will Rock Cast that are currently performing in Tokyo - we are so excited for them! I'm glad you liked the show =). It's just fantastic, anyone out there reading this - book tickets now!


Hi there! As a musical, it was nice. I enjoyed really. However like I wrote, I am a little worried about what will happen to Queen. I think someone should tell Brian and Roger." stop it". If not, sooner or later we will see anotehr weired Queen project.


Fat bottomed girls - they make this rockin' world go 'round!


I have seen this musical advertised here in U.S. The first time I saw Queen live was in 1976 and as funny as it sounds, it changed my life. For a bored 16 year old, the mythical, over the top music of Queen along with the incredible presence and voice of Freddie Mercury (real name Farouk Bulsara) opened my imagination up to wonderful and expressive worlds. I can't be sure what he would think of this musical today—I'm quite sure it is a compliment to Queen's influence—but I get kimochiwarui when I see the advertisement.

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