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Friday, June 24, 2005



Hi There
Than you for many comments to my post. I could understand how this shop is loved by people. Actualy we cannot help liking the shop when we visited once.

クレア (Claire)

I really like Tokyu Hands, although there are not so many locations in the Kansai area (I found one in Osaka and one in Kobe). I could spend a long time and a lot of money there. It is somewhat like Loft, but bigger and with a lot more interesting things. I agree with Martin.


Can't agree more, Tokyu Hands is an absolute adventure if you're a sucker for the unusual, it's like finding little nuggets of gold on the shelfs.


Aaahhh... I loved Tokyu Hands! I shopped for a long time when I was there (same place as Takashimaya). I still have some coupons which expire this month. Aaww.. I miss Japan!


As an artist and a curious person, I found Tokyu Hands one of the most fun and interesting stores in Tokyo. I was inspired and bought many items to use in my art. I don't usually like spending much time shopping or browsing stores, but I spent several hours in Tokyu Hands.

Totemo omoshirokatta desu!

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