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Thursday, June 23, 2005



Ahhh Tokio kun... You are surviving in my blog system. Well Tokio kun is a rabbit who lived in my blog before. And I deleted him, but he is surviving somewhere in my system and left comments sometimes. kowai


well that's true Tokio-kun, but you forgot to divide the subset by two. crazy rabbit. take your meds and go lay down. aw..I'm kidding. Here have a carrot.

Well as you stated Mari, it's a pretty well known fact that Tarantino is a videophile (used to work in a video store..so I've heard) The chop-socky and yakuza stuff really had an impact on him during that time. Apparently he absorbed the nuance via osmosis and it's shaped a lot of his current cinematic vision. As a tribute to the "old school" QT spends alot of thought in laying out shots, throwing in hokey dialogue or little bits of trivia ( via costumes, props, set layouts etc) to reference his little not so secret love to those in the know. Sort of like sharing his passion with those who share his passion...did that make sense? I think of it as style lines. Sometimes an artist will develop little stylistic lines that they embed in a painting, or whatever their medium is. They develop it as a second language, an inside joke, or statement to those who follow the artists work, or just another way to make a connection with the viewer. So I think QT likes to play with these lines, these poses (Kill Bill 1&2 were like primers in movie trivia) to set a subtext for the scene. If you have seen the reference material, then you get the total impact of the shot. But if you miss the reference then it just seems to be an extra bit of fluff that could have ended up in the cutting room without ruining the movie. So there you go, a movie in a movie, that's what QT is doing...my opinion anyway, maybe there are some who feel I give him way too much credit. ne? (· ___· )


well, there's more than one version of the Bible... there's DOZENS. So maybe Tarantino used a less common translation?




Maybe he modified the words and meaning to suit the character so that most people would understand it more in terms of the movie context.


Pulp Fiction is a great movie. However, don't worry about the story. It's not important. The movie is just a collection of great scenes.

Tarantino's movie "Kill Bill Volume 1" has some Japanese content which you might find interesting. Much of the story takes place in Japan. But if you don't like violence, you'd better not watch it.

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