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Monday, June 06, 2005


mbt shoes

I love your blog very much, more more info, I will concern it again!


I used "prick" first. But robert and David let me know it means another in slung or something? Ha ha ha I laughed and I wonder it would be nice to leave it without changing, but ま 下品ネタはさけました。


Hmmmm. All pointed in the same direction?

Mari, you were an X-files fan, weren't you? =P


why not pricks Noswonky? Those grow too. ;)
heh heh. Personally I think it's a giant robo from one of the Gainax Movies that got blasted to bits, embedded, shard by shard along the heavily travelled byways of greater Japan. Yamato? Hey whatever it is, I bet you could sell the heck out of it on Ebay! Especially if you find one with some religious figure, or Ichiro on it..wow. think of the money you could make. Alien Ichiro Shard! who wants to be top bidder?


There might be a scientific explanation. It's well known that metal can "grow" due to a chemical-electrical process
like this.
However, it's I've never seen anything so big.

Also, I suggest you call them "spikes", not "pricks".

クレア (Claire)

Why would anyone do such a thing? 悪いことなあ。


That is very strange - please keep us posted if they ever figure it out.

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