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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Hyuuga Neji

PLUTO ish way damn cool ya kno....I just read the vol.1 and my eyes wet when read the "North no.2" story....touching.

Thumbz up 4 Tezuka and Urasawa....


Pluto being recommended is a good thing. I love this work by Urasawa.
When I read that the story is based on Astro Boy what I never really liked I was critical. Though I never considered that I wouldn't read it for this reason.
I wished there would be no problems with the japanese publishing company so PLUTO could be finally published in Germany. :(


hi..erm..just to say that i really like Urasawa's works in general..i recently saw some of Master Keaton though..and they surely are not Monster or 20th Century boys..btw,have you listened to Bob Dylan?? its Awesome...and I haven't yet seen the end of 20th(stucked at the vol22 chap 8-no more scans..)and Pluto(stucked also chap 40 i think...) i'm dying...anyway,i like to see people talking about Urasawa..so thanx.. see ya \(^_^)/


Yes, change a Japanese doctor into Keanu, and change the location from Germany to LA. Good thinking.

Wan Zafran

Naoki Urasawa is my favourite mangaka too. His stories are laced with themes that are more identifiable to adults. I've finished reading Monster; it was a great read!


Hi there,
yes the theme song melody is completely common Japanese version and english version. I like that song very much.
Ah Huang, you are so right. Keanu is good for everything.


Keanu Reeves wud be good for anything and everything ! ^-^


Thanks for that video file of the Astroboy theme song. I haven't seen it since I was a child, but I remembered all the scenes when I saw them.

I loved watching Astroboy when I was a child, but at the time, I didn't know it was Japanese. It was the same with Gigantor and Kimba.

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