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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


air yeezy

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Hi there
I hardly sit down in the train, because I don't know I don't like in such small seat touching in next persons.
And when some old people come, I should give a seat to her or she would feel unconfortable to be thought such old or such kind of things are "mendokusai". I like to stand the corner and play my cell phone chess game.


I was in Shanghai between X'mas Eve and New Year's Eve last year and was horrified to be pushed back into the train by people on the train platform wanting to get in but I was just behind the train door wanting to get off ! Nightmarish !


Oh... and we've strange weather here too. It's suppose to be warm and drier... but instead, it's been rainy!


Haha... I leave home for school really early in the morning. Not only because I want to get a seat, but also because the students in the bus are from good schools. If I'm late, I'll go to school with naughty students and they can be very noisy! So... if I want a peaceful morning, I'll have to wake up early! Haha...

How early do you have to leave your home? I leave at 6am.

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