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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Many technological developments will give you, the customer, real advantages – using less film, using less energy and running faster production speeds reliably


Let's not be fooled by Koizumi's "Coolbiz" project. Lack of air pollution control and the use of leaded car fuel are just 2 prime examples of why Tokyo has awful pollution problems. Those poor Government workers who regularly have to work through the night will have to suffer in 28 degrees during the humid summer. This is just a ruse to cut government department air conditioning costs. The majority of office workers have to wear formal attire at work (I work near Kasumigaseki and have yet to see any salarymen in Coolbiz attire).


Kariyushi....No necktie is enough. Why they have to go so far, suddenly change suit into Kariyushi. I can tell they are not match to Tokyo office town Kasumigaseki. environment terrorism! for other companies workers.


Kariyushi is the Asian version of Aloha shirt!!! How about a Kariyushi Friday in the office!!! Kariyushi represents...

クレア (Claire)

I really like #5, Refuse over wrapping!! I would carry a backpack or shoulder bag and request 'no bag please', then put my purchase in the bag I brought. Personally, I don't think purchases need to be wrapped unless they are omiyage. Then it is OK.

My car is now a Toyota Prius, so it frequently turns its gas engine off, and I get about 21.26 km/l (50 mpg) consistently.

I would really appreciate warmer temperatures at my workplace. I have to wear heavy clothing indoors because of the severe air conditioning, so I enjoy it outside when it is warm. I wouldn't mind 28 degrees C inside, but my colleagues would complain (they're all guys), and the equipment would have difficulty as well. Such is life in the computer business.

It is interesting how much electricity some devices use, even when they are not turned on. TVs, DVD players, VCRs, answering machines, microwave ovens (電子レンジ) are among the biggest "energy bandits" in the house. You can save a lot of money if you pull the plug (and you don't mind all those clocks blinking "12:00")...




That sho-ene jacket looks like a jinbei. Maybe people should go back to traditional clothing like jinbei and yukata, which seems better adapted to the hot weather.

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