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Thursday, June 16, 2005


mbt shoes

I love your blog very much, more more info, I will concern it again!

mbt shoes

I love your blog very much, more more info, I will concern it again!


this is a really late response =p
there is Hong Kong limited edition of shark fin soup flavor and it is gooooooood!!

Michael Jacobs

Larb pretz are actually named after a spicy Thai dish called Lap. It's minced pork with chillies and fresh cilantro (corriander). It is one of the tastiest flavours of Pretz I have ever eaten, but is impossible to find anywhere except Thailand. It's a spicy flavour, but is complex, and accurately reproduces some of the delicious flavours so common in Thai cooking, such as fish sauce, kefir lime leaf and lemongrass.


Hello! I'm looking for the Maple Syrup flavoured pretz but can't find it! Do you know where in Vancouver, Canada can you find them? Thanks! ^_^


Having read this post, 2 days ago I was at Carrefour in Singapore and paused at the Japanese confectionery isle and was so pleased to find the honey mustard flavour Pretz. Then I promptly walked to the next isle and picked up a bag of Honey Dijon kettle chips.


mad beef jerky for US? Red White and Blue Coloured stix with little elephants on them? One bite and you're in a Red State of mind? They would even be able to use the same Aya CM. ;p


Pocky rules!!! Pocky Enthusiast since 1978!


First of all, I should delte blog pet from my backyard of my blog. I am feel guilty when I saw Tokio kun's comment. It sounds like a voice of under floor I shutted up and never open. he he he

Amy thank you for your information about larb, hmm it sounds delicious. Anyway I understand Pocky and Pretz can be hot for other countries. I hardly eat Pocky but if I pick one, I love Men's pocky ( who's idea? stupid name). It is bitter chocolate taste.

クレア (Claire)

I've had Beer Pretz (the black box type are better than the ones in the red box), Salad Pretz (what are these supposed to taste like? please don't say 'mayonnaise'!), Tomato Pretz, Honey Butter Pretz (Mari, it was the article you wrote about the toast). I would most like to try the roast eel, hatcho miso, and mentaiko Pretz. I really love eel and mentaiko flavors!

There are lots and lots of Pocky, Reverse, Toppo, and Fran flavors here in Chicago. Mitsuwa is best if you want both Pocky and Pretz. If you go to a Korean market, like Asia Super, you will usually see all of the sweet ones, plus the Korean Pocky-like biscuits as well, mainly "Pepero". (There are others, I just can't read them.)

I have never heard of anybody in America who puts hatcho miso on rice, unless this is a macrobiotic thing. Here, many people drown their rice in soy sauce(醤油). おいくないと思もう。

Collon is a little strange...instead of saying 'Hello my esophagus', it makes me think of a procedure that would have me say "Hello my intestines"! Maybe other people think of punctuation, or the former US Secretary of State instead...


Real larb is probably good (I've never had it.), but larb-flavor Pretz are not good. They are spicy, but the flavoring is weird and I have yet to meet anyone who liked it.


Aaah ! My fave snack too ! I luv the ume flavour.

In Korea, it is called Pepero and 11th November is Pepero Day (because the sticks can form 'eleven') and the guys send the gals flower bouquet with these Glico sticks.


They had takoyaki Pretz when I was in Osaka - I didn't know they were a special edition...

Never seen maple syrup Pretz during my trips to Canada (Windsor) - but maybe they sell them only at airports that fly to Japan?




Larb (aka larp laarb laab etc) is one of my favourite Thai dishes. Here's a recipe and explanation: http://allabout.co.jp/gourmet/ethnicfood/closeup/CU20050601A/

I've never seen Larb Pretz but I bet it would be good. I did try the honey mustard and maple syrup versions (they were good) without realizing they were special country-themed editions. So is each country's Pretz available in that country, or just Japan?


yup, we get both Pocky and Pretz here. Although the most popular Pretz that I see in San Francisco is Tomato Pretz.

We get all sorts of Pocky here. Men's. Mousse. White. Really big.

And yah, that's one strange commercial...

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