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Thursday, June 30, 2005



There are a couple places where they unwrap the bag and put the cap on the bottle. It kinda destroys the fun but hey..I'm up to 32 caps now..=D

Adam C

For you Tokyo Star Wars fans out there, Friday July 9 we will be having a SW-theme party in Ichikawa (about 20 minutes east of Tokyo Station). It starts at 8 and finishes at 11:30, with the middle hour and a half being the SW segment. No cosplay or anything like that, but club music accompanied by Star Wars visuals and sounds. Feel free to check out the listed URL if you're interested. Episode 3 was worth the wait, by the way. Good stuff!


33 bottle caps? That's a lotta diet Pepsi!

And yeah, where's Tokio-Kun? Did he go on vacation? Maybe to Hawaii? =0


I laughed when I read the bit about "mo-pai". Yes, I know how to play mahjong but not the jap style though.

I'm so deprived; not own a single bottle cap. Pepsi has no such promo in Singapore (shld I be thankful ?).

Tokio-kun's pic is no longer here but he can still write messages ?


Now I got 33 bottle caps. 27 more!! Gambarimasu.


Was good, But I liked Batman Begins better


I think Tokio-kun needs a hug. Gosh Mari..you get to go to all the fun stuff. Lucky You INDEED! Speaking as an oyaji, the "mo-pai technique" is one of the necessary skills required to become an oyaji master. I wont go into the details, but this technique has many uses besides merely satisfying ones curiosity.Frequent use of it though can be a hazard to ones health if used incorrectly. To the folks with the uninteresting bottle caps..keep practicing.

Pepsi is evil (ESPECIALLY diet..icky. But cool promotional junk is ALWAYS COOL!)

come on Tokio-kun..let's go get some carrot shochu.


Hi There, I have gotten 8 cap bottles. I love most Luke has Yoda in his back ( I think "force training time" scene). I am asking people co-operating(yes some people don't have eny intersting caps!! amazing for me) or exhanging. I will update my progress of collection.


I like the story line but the dialogues are quiet cheesy!


Star Wars Three was excellent!

Despite really bad acting and script, the story was great!

Pepsi bottle caps? Just how many do you have? =P

Lucky! Please take me to the preview! :)
http://jrocknyc.blogspot.com/ ^_^


Don't drink Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi... they contain a chemical called aspartame. It is made by Monsanto and Ajinomoto. There is a lot of debate about the safety of aspartame, and NO EVIDENCE at all that it helps people who wants to "diet". I worry about your friend who has diabetes. I have also heard that aspartame can make such condition worse.




"Mo Pai" can be spoken in Mandarin too! The meaning is the same as Cantonese (I'm a Cantonese!). Some phrases in Japanese is similar to Chinese. I hope I'm not causing an uproar here.

Star Wars has been running for a month here but I did not bother to watch. Heh heh... My fiance went to watch it alone.

You are going to love this episode of Star Wars...it pulls everything together.
But there was one thing Obi Wan could have done to end it all in snap....he didn't.


If I'm not mistaken "mo-pai" means "feel card" for when you play gambling games. I could be wrong though ^_^ Because I translated that from Cantonese dialect, not Mandarin dialect.

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