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Wednesday, June 22, 2005



maybe it's not cube shaped? or maybe it's because you are walking on your hands? hmm I dunno. Is this a trick question Mari? Do we win a prize if we guess correctly? Hmm maybe we should ask Tokio-kun. ;p


Hi There
When I count all cubes on IQ test or such type of test. I have no problem. I can count invisible cude behind top. But when I walk, I cannot find a office if it is not in main broad street. Why?


The book you mentioned was written by
this married couple. They also wrote another similar book called "Why men lie and women cry". I read it, and it was very helpful.

The most famous book on this subject is
Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus by John Gray. I have not read that one.


I read the book once.. quite interesting.. hehehe..
and i have to agree to jedicraft.. women always want to talk at a bad time.. like when we're playin games, watching football, drivin 80 miles/hr from the city.. hehehe..
But men do listen.. to some degree that is.. we have some kind of filter on our head..
Her: "bla bla bla... sex.. bla bla bla bla.. cars.. bla bla bla bla bla.. def leppard concert tomorrow night.. bla bla bla.. free food on campus.. yada yada yada.. playstation.." Something like that.. hehehe..


Charles: Thanks for the first explanation I am willing to believe :)


perhaps it's no accident to overlook the tofu. Maybe it's a stealth thing..like antimatter not being able to occupy the same space. Perhaps the Tofu knows that your boyfriend would prefer that nice piece of leftover Saba and so it hides behind the Napa..to survive one more day. Gradually amassing a group of comrades, bit by slimy bit..one day it will have it's revenge. That's what we get for calling it "soft". Today Tokyo. Tomorrow Tofuyo! Vive la Tofulution!


I thought the crash barrier problem was solved. They are clips that were used to hold up banners. The clips were supposed to be removed when the banners were removed, but most of them were left in place. Click This Link, scroll down, then click on the diagram to see the explanation.


Haha... and it's a miracle when guys talk and their girlfriends listen! =) Sometimes that happens and I'm thankful.


Okay, true men don't listen so much. There I admitted it, but the reason is because women are usually talking to me when I'm playing video games. That's not cool...


面白かった! 豆腐を見つかりませんか? :-) 

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