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Monday, July 11, 2005


varsha patel

hi, i want to know that properly how to make aji no moto,it's made from sugercane or anything als,and ya it's company or it's product name,what is?


hi there. i wanted a clarificition or u can say an answer to a query . does ajinomoto have any pork baed enzyme? or anything non-vegitarian aspect related to it? please let me know by emiling me at [email protected]


Hi there
To be honest with you, I heard Ajinomoto is not good for health too. I have an Ajinomoto at home, but I don't use so many. it is not for health, I can't sense the difference of taste.


I'm all for a natural savory. But I used to MSG like a muthaf**ka! Now I've matured, as you might could tell by my cultured and restrained vocabulary, I try to season my foods with complementary herbs and spices so that the natural savoriness is enhanced. I'm not always successful, and I usually wish for MSG, but I haven't bought any in well..quite a while. I love the dried bonito! Dashi is delish. And pork enzyme just sounds wrong. icky.


Doesn't eating MSG make you very thirsty after that ?
Cud also give Chinese restaurant syndrome to some pple.
Heard that may cause hair to drop if taken in excess !


Pocky rocks!!!

and i've seen it in the strangest of places.


love the commercial. I know a few girls from Hyogo who sound like that...


That Wikipedia article also says that umami = "savoriness". I guess I know the taste just by that description... my favourite taste. :-)


i grew up eating chinese food and MSG or ajinomoto is definitely a big part of the preparation. but for "health reasons" it is being banned from most restaurants and households now. Hayy, i still prefer the taste of food with MSG though.


One of the many reasons why I prefer Asian cuisine over the Western's! =P


Quite a few chefs in Britain are starting to talk about umami and how to improve the flavour experience of different food. Heston Blumenthal came to Japan last year and learned how to make dashi. He's a very adventurous chef and always looking for new ideas in cooking. People often call his style "molecular gastronomy". Have a look at his menu. The food sounds (and tastes) like a wonderful dream!


And who doesn't like real Parmesan cheese?

Gen Kanai

Mari, umami is called "umami" in English.


Please also see the SRUT:



A lot of Americans don't like MSG because they think it is bad for your health. But just this weekend I found an interesting article about MSG that says it is harmless, and probably even good for you.


There's a few things that Chinese food culture have that western food does not. Like scent of the food. Not using the nose, but smell using the mouth and tongue. There's a difference between chagohan in a normal pan, and chagohan in a wok. The wok gives a kind of "fried" scent to the rice. I would think that it seems umami is this kind of taste?

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