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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Asian Shampoo

I tried this and it left my hair glossy and beautiful..

iphone clone

I like Pantene, it seems to match to my hair. As for foreign makers

sunsilk philippines

Well, I can say that I am also very conscious about my hair and I also use my own brand of shampoo. I use it for a long time. Anyway. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!



Can you please introduce some the best of Japanese hair and skincare products.
Is Tsubaki one of the best hair products in Japan?




Everyone notices hairstyles. The stars are the top trend setters, but even with all of the talented stylists and product available to them, they don't always score with their hair.


When I go to my stylist for just a hair-cut, it comes with shampoo, cut, and blow-dry for $25USD, and she used to rank 10th in the world.


Hi there

Thank you for good information about Manga wax. I think it is really funny. Like mickaela said, Japanimation would have power than we suppose.


I thot hair cuts wud be very expensive in Japan. In Singapore, I pay the equivalent of 4,350 yen for a haircut. There is hardly any option for non-permanent hair color. The perm one costs upwards of 5400 yen. Highlighting easily costs 8000 yen or more.
Looks like I shld get my hair done when I'm in Tokyo, except that communication in English may be a problem i guess.

Is Pantane the same as Pantene ?


hmmm. Manga styled hair? Only if I get the big eyes and dynamically modified physique to go with it. Otherwise you're risking a fire hazard to look just "quirky". Heh heh..º__º; thos Asience ads...whoa. Who are they marketing to? 12 year olds?
I know I have been quoted as saying that "Zhang Ziyi is HOT!!!" in this very blog...but to be honest, after viewing those commercials I just felt embarrassed for her. Their is of course, pride in one's appearance and in one's heritage, but then there is pettiness and vanity..neither of which bring to mind "inner beauty"..so it seemed more like an ironic joke being played on Ms. Ziyi with everyone clapping along, but secretly thinking "What an airhead. Does she really think we are that impressed? Hey watch it with the big red thing!" ( whose idea was that anyway? Why in the world would anyone have something that ungainly..and where the hell was that wind coming from??!!..was it taken during a typhoon? Ah sadly the only charismatic beauticians I see these days are male..and to be honest, I dont swing that way...not that there's anything wrong with that. A haircut for me costs about $40 since I go to my friend Ho Ming..who is like the only person in this whole world who has ever cut my unruly mane properly. He is an artist. I always tip him as much as I can afford because quite simply, I enjoy the skill level. Sadly my dear friend would have gone broke since I have not cut my hair in the last 3 years because I have been growing it for locksoflove.org. I am donating it one last time ( 3 times total) before I go to Japan. So as of July 23 Ho Ming will be rolling in my hard-earned once again. Sweet. And I will have a decent haircut to bring to Japan. I'll still look like an oyaji..but at least a well groomed oyaji. remember guys. Hygeine IS important. Shiseido makes some awesome products..but I think I would probably be more likely to use something called "Jaded" than something "Naive". That's just how I roll. (.___.)


I'm using Pantane shampoo and conditioner too! =) It's not bad but the Lux conditioner is richer and better for dry hair.

It will cost about 2000 yen for an average haircut and wash. A really good one will cost about 4000 yen. I permed my hair last year and it costs me about 18000 yen. Colouring was about 6000 yen. (My hair reached my mid-back.)

Aaron's haircut is only ~700yen. Heh...


Here's an English translation of the information on the package of "Manga Look":

Explosive Destructurizing Paste for Asymmetrical Styles.

Create your own "Manga Style" with asymmetrical and high spikes. New rapid dry paste with "micro fruit waxes" for an extra strong hold and a matte finish.

Destructurize your "Manga Style" look.


I hate those Asience ads... I can't imagine I would ever see an ad where 2 white women stand on stage and sing "caucasian beauty..." while 2 asian women sit in the audience looking unhappy. back home (america) it would be a scandal.


Hello, i'm french and i've just discovered your blog (very interesting !!!!! i love it ). Yes, french beauty maker made a gel for hair to look like manga... why ? because since a couple of years the japanese culture beging to be famous for the youngs french people... the manga art is very "a la mode" actually not for all but for a large part of them. A lot of blogs begin to talk about manga art, jpop or visual kei and street fashion... so the big trades want to make some money with that...

why this "folie" about japan culture and especially manga art ? i think we can explain with this (it's only my theory) : when i was little -3 to 13 years approx.- we could see japanese anime on french channels, but in time, channels made some errors and choose adult or teenage anime for the programs (like ken, city hunter...) and some people became to be furious about that. a lot of french people thougts (and some again today) that japan anime and manga are just violent or about sex... so, channels prefers stopped the japan anime and put more frenchs or americans programs... and the quality were not the same !! Today, people like me (28 years old) wants to see again the first japanese anime of their young years and with the web it was easier... so, some channels decided to choose again some programs of japanese anime (more for young people or while later hours for teenagers). my generation are enthousiast to see them again and discovered news. the next genreation discover the large panel offered by this sort of anime, again with the web they could learn more about the last anime... actually, some magazines about manga art, anime and culture are created. in paris we can find some shops about japan anime and manga. and a lot of restaurants became to be opened... it's not really a "boom" but japan makes slowly its entrance in france... sorry for my bad english and my long comment ! if you want more information e mail me ! mickaela

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