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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


air yeezys

The thing that oneself like to grasping, strive for, no regrets!


Hi There.
Now we can say terrolists are much scary than such Ghost. I really hope injured people in London can be recover as soon as possible.


Ah, the Internet is helping to propagate rumors across borders and without regard to language!


I think this is bullshit. There are webpages filled with this kind of crap and whole sites devoted to EVP which supposedly is the way the dead communicate to the living using todays modern devices.
I hope if the dead are still around, they have something better to do than pose for pictures...


I think it looks more like a caricature of Diana. I heard about the "Three Men and a Baby" one too and rented it, but yeah, it was just a cardboard cutout or something.


Well... The new book about Diana has been launched so I'm not surprise if this rumour is used to increase the sales!

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