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Thursday, July 28, 2005



What a pitty, my PC can't read kana or kanji, what would make my japanese learning much more easier though. i have have no clue what to do...


Ahhh Tokio kun
You are still there....orz

Anyway three type of letter we have to use for writing. Program should know which part, which letter they should change into Hiragana or Katakana or Kanji. Which kanji is most suitable for the sentense. Sugoine.

Sebastien (from France)

Hi Mari,
i have a really dumb gaijin question that just popped up in my mind when i saw the Japanese room kit, ready ? "how do japanese people handle the fact of staying in this position on long periods of time, i mean crossed legs or on the knees ?" i know it's a stupid question but i find this position very uncumfortable (i experienced it during a dinner in a traditionnal restaurant near Takao San last year and i couldn't feel my legs after only 15 minutes...)so i'm wondering if it is because i'm not used to it or because there are special technics that Japanese people know and i don't ?

Thank you if you can help and sorry again for the lame question.


Yes ulfur, you can get ATOK for Mac.


It's a lot like the Mac IME called Kotoeri, but it has a lot more features. I've used it, it's very good, better than the standard IME. But it might be more than you need, unless you write a lot of Japanese.

ulfur karlsson

interesting....I use a apple macintosh. I think it´s japanese character input method is probably similar to ms ime way...hmmm I wonder if you can get atok on a mac?




Very funny.. the computer room has a low door you have to crawl through, like a 茶室.

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