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Saturday, July 30, 2005



Hi there
Hmm I can die for you is so bad...too negative? Hmm I understand. How can I say, for Japanese this sounds very funny. It sounds joke.


ta ta ta ta tada taaa... ta ta ta tada taaa... ta ta ta ta tada taaa...




tokio-kun just bit me。れrウェ栄をrfdl;sdfl;fsぢgjgだmん


That's nothing... "Feel the Magic" is called "Project Rub" in Australia and Europe. So in this case, for some reason we have three different names for a single game. :-)


Hello Mari san,

All my friends are addicted to video game systems, like PS2 and X-Box. I see that they waste all their time, so I will never buy them, because I will get addicted too.

Ja ma ta ne


Many people don't appreciate negative statements in their business ... anything to do with Death or Dying is a very negative word.

クレア (Claire)


I am with you, Mari-san. I would rather play fun games. Although I wish I had a Japanese PS2 (or the chipset to modify an American one so you can play Japanese or American games) so I could play Tetsuwan no Taiko.

Kimishine has negative connotations in US. It might be romantic if a husband would say to his wife, "I would die for you". But it would probably mean that somebody would need to see a mental health professional if someone else said that to somebody they did not know.

"Feel the Magic" is kind of generic. That doesn't say anything to me about what kind of game it is. It sounds like a Disney World slogan or something.

The Japanese Kimishine site is here. It is not too hard to read, and you don't have to register to look at it.

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