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Thursday, July 07, 2005


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The Malays have a natto equivalent called 'tempei". It looks white bec covered in mould and wrapped in banana leaf, then brown paper and sold at wet markets. Usually eaten deep fried and has no natto smell.


Yucks .... unagi ... yucks >_< I can't stand the taste, it's like mud to me everytime I've tried it.


My friend add tomato to Neba Neba Zanmai. Freshness of tomato can sticky easiler to eat she said.

クレア (Claire)

I love these sticky foods, especially unagi. I like unagi any time, not just for natsubame.

Natto and okra are very good together. Both are "neba neba" foods. Okra is considered a Southern American food, and I grew up in the urban North. I had not eaten it before I went to Japan and had it together with natto, in Kyoto of all places!

I have heard that natto is not popular in Kansai, but my host father and brother really like natto. They kindly introduced me to this wonderful food, although I have never seen my host mother eat it. They still think it's funny that I like it...gaijin aren't supposed to like it.

I am not familiar with mekabu, although it looks to be a sea vegetable. The link to mozoku is not working, but most of what I can find about it is that it is also a sea vegetable. ("Sea vegetable" is an American euphemism for seaweed...how our silly country rationalizes why anyone would eat things like nori or hijiki or wakame that are very tasty and good for you! Looking at the stuff Americans do eat and don't eat is pretty interesting...)

Tororo imo is really good, too. You will know it if you have ever had yamakake. Yamakake is really delicious and also another neba neba dish.

This neba neba discussion makes me wish I were in Gifu-ken now, at the izakaya with my friend Fujiko-san, drinking http://www.hyotan.co.jp/cnt/shochu/tantakatan.html>
shiso shochu, eating yamakake.

But I'll have to make do with a trip to Mitsuwa to pick up a tororo imo and some maguro, and maybe I'll be able to get something close to the taste, but nothing like the atmosphere. すみません、懐かしいく話でしょ。


Natto! That's the best. With raw quail egg...or with ika soumen...or with thinnly sliced white onion. I like the small-bean type but the large-bean type for...

Natto-spa! What a brilliant dish:
spaghetti with a sauce made of tuna, natto, tokyo negi, nori, karashi, shoyu....delicious, sticky....yum.


My Beautiful Wife Loves Natto. I, however, cannot stand it. I must persevere and learn to like it... Gambarimasu!


I went to the Tanabata festival at Hiratsuka which was awesome (until it rained later on). There are also tons of food booths which have really tasty food. Anyways, I'll probably give natto another chance someday (perhaps as part of my Pepsi detoxification program). Last time I tried it, I couldn't finish it.


MMMM Sticky Heaven!! *drool*..unagi? natto? yes! these are good foods anyway..but I would love to eat them this summer. I like eating the kimchee natto..and yes you have to do the raw egg thing (with Yebisu?..yes). I know, I know, now I am a true oyaji. But I have to ask. How come when Mari mentions "decipiens" it sounds as if she is talking about a type of seaweed, but when Tokio-kun mentions it..it sounds like a hallucinogenic? "Follow the wide rabbit Neo?" well..that's a loose translation I think..but just what do you mean exactly Tokio-kun? Oh great where did he go?...gone again apparently. invisible rabbits kowai :0


As much as I love Japanese food and the culture. One thing that I can never come around is natto. It is definitely an acquired taste!!


I could go for some some ika and somen.




Haha... your site has become my morning newspapers!
I've eaten nato before and wanted to bring some back to Singapore but I couldn't find it in the store! Nato has a very strange smell but my Japanese friend said it's health food.

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