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Friday, July 15, 2005


A Japanese cup is 200ml (American one is 235ml), so maybe a small cup is 200ml?

Amy Tucker

I bought five pounds of agar online: http://www.bulkfoods.com/cooking.asp?referer=yaagaragar

I just received the package and the stuff is of great qualify.

Prior to this I was purchasing 2 oz for $6 here in Canada. This stuff works.

I started my Agar Journey three weeks ago and have lost a total fof 17 pounds (original weight was 222). I also follow a eating plan comparable to the South Beach Diet. I also walk 30 min a day.

Agar makes me feel full. I take it three times a day as a shake. For example:

1 scoop of protien shake
1 teaspoon of agar
500 ml of water

Mix 1 teaspoon of agar in one cup of warm water for 12 - 15 minutes.
Then boil in microwave. It takes mine 2 minutes to boil. Remove asap or it will foam.
Let stand for a few minutes.

Mix your protien shake in 1 cup of ice cold water. Blend until smooth.

Add agar mixture.
Mix well.
Put in freezer or fridge till cool.


This will fill you up for hours.


I also make a pudding with protien powder using the above method but with 750 water. I have also tried it with cranberry juice, diet coke, etc.


I also make sure I eat a minimum of 1400 calories a day.

Hope that helps!

lucy tullo

were can i buy it.can not fine your web sit to buy tokoroten?


Can I just add the dried powder to a drink? Such as tea or a smoothie. Or do I need to boil the powder first? Thanks


I live in Canada - we can get Agar-Agar flakes or powder at any health food store. It's apparently pretty much the same as Tokoroten. I don't know if it works? But I'm gonna try it. Need to shed some post-baby pounds. Cheers!


Hi I live in Orlando Florida, where can I get this product in the USA.


Hi There
Really, it is hard to find Tokoroten. But agar agar powder will be okay? Anyway they say it is better to eat more than 150g Tokoroten once.


While tokoroten may be difficult to find, many supermarkets and health food stores will stock agar-agar which appears to be the basis of kanten. Using a Google search with "kanten ingredients" (without quotes) gives some information and a number of agar-agar / kanten recipes.

Mari-san, I wonder how much a "small cup" translates into? How many cc of the gelatin/kanten liquid are mentioned in the article?


gambatte kudasai mari!!! :)


Hehe... I wonder if I can tolerate it without sugar!! Singaporeans love konniyaku jelly!


I wonder if you can get that in the USA? I'd like to try it.

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