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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Ben Honey

I paid a lot out to AIFUL when I was in Japan. Any idea how might claim back any over payment?


Hi there
I supposed Typhoon would attack TOkyo and train schedule would mess up late and I didn't go to job at regular time, then I drunk a lot of whisky with my friend. Then next morning I realize super fine morning and super bad headache.

クレア (Claire)

You have been hit hard with jishin, tyfu- lately...I hope all is well with you!

As for Aiful, Promise, and similar loan companies, I find it hard to believe that people willingly sign up for loans with these companies given the usurious conditions. In US, there are laws in many states that limit the amount of interest that can be charged on a loan, although these laws are regularly being broken by so-called "paycheck loan" companies.

Usually, in the US, loans are granted to people based on their credit histories, the amount they wish to borrow, and the collateral (a house, a car, etc.) the loan is being backed by. Interest rates are also determined somewhat by the economy--right now, US interest rates are low because of US monetary policy.

Are people who go to Aiful people who can't get loans from their regular banks, or am I completely clueless about the Japanese banking system?


You forgot to mention the アイフル girl, Misako Yasuda, so cute!


Everyone in Osaka was freaking out. We had chotto rain and even less wind. To quote a good friend: it was a normal day in England. What happened up in Kanto? Price of Lettuce better not go up!!


i hope the typhoon does not do any serious damage to you guys over there.

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