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Monday, July 25, 2005



I don't drink light colored beers, with the exception of German hefeweizen with a slice of lemon during the summer months. Otherwise, I prefer to drink dark stouts.

クレア (Claire)

It is hard to get truly Japanese beer in US. Kirin is licensed to Anheuser-Busch and Asahi is licensed to Miller. Sapporo is the only mainstream Japanese beer that is imported into the US, although you can find some microbrews at places like Mitsuwa.

I would be interested to try Asahi Shinnama myself--the concept of using soybeans and enhancing metabolism through beer is intriguing, although I am more of a Nihonshu drinker.


Hi There
Yes new healthy food, drink, wellness products needs real voice or reaction of market. So my gym help for their research. We can try something new like that. Good idea desho?


Yah, I wish 24hour Fitness gave out beer. Would make going to the gym way more enjoyable...


they give out beer at your gym?



We used to get Yebisu here in the states.

Then they stopped importing it here two years ago.

Now the only time I can get that really good beer is when I'm in Japan. Guess it makes it even more special, eh?

Stay dry out there!


As a homebrewer myself. I vouch that it takes a lot more work to brew a decent light beer. I am not a fan of any beer that taste like water but making light beer require constant monitoring of temperature because it is brewed in a lower temp. I would say almost all light beers are lager. I think the best light beer is the Samuel Adams Light. It taste almost like regular ale.


I like the idea that they gave you a sample at your gym. I know this is supposed to be "lighter" beer, but it seems like they want you to believe you can lose weight just by drinking it. Trust me...that is not true!


I remembered drinking Asahi when I was Japan. I've been drinking the Tiger beer and didn't know what good beer tastes like until I had Heinkein!

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