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Thursday, August 25, 2005



it is always something
recently, i was such a big fan of 踊る大捜査線...
but now i cannot watch it at all because of comments like:
because african-american people go to work like everyone else?
bad enough that bobby ologon make african-american people look stupid...


Hi Nichol Thank you.
Yes bra bra bra sounds like three brassieres.
I am so embarassed and laughed. ha ha ha


This is a bit off topic but it's actually 'blah blah blah'.
This is all I have to add now, sorry.

Julian Morrison

It's corporations being cowards. They would prefer to apologise too much and sack a replaceable employee, rather than stand up for her and say to the otaku "are you six years old? you complain about such small insults".


Hi There
Yes I must be carefull for my comments. Thanks!
Blogging make our world wider, I have never imagine just regular people are so interesting, I am enjoying very much their real voice, thoughts and feeling, idea. I don't want to read just clean harmless dairy. I eat this, I went there, I bought this.




it really is kind of sad.

especially in cases where people get fired for posting incriminating things about their companies on the internet.

it will probably soon be standard to make posting such things GROUNDS FOR FIRING-- contractually, officially. everywhere.

(the girl/nathans case isn't a case of a company's "dirt" getting revealed.)

the internet allows people to actually share relevant information-- effectively, en masse. but obviously it will be clamped down by people/entities who have the most to lose from mass-information-access on the internet.


It is actually getting to be a big issue here in the USA and people have been fired for blogging. It is also becoming an interview question.

Sad Days... :( Especially for "the land of the free".


i can't believe she got in trouble for that! its normal for people to have opinions about the people you meet. and they are exactly just that, your opinion. people are open to disagree but they can't impose to you on what you can or cannot say! hayyy...




awwww come on!!

give us the link!

i want to see the mole(s).

i also want to congratulate her for SPEAKIN HER MIND.

otaku should Get Over It.

(as far as Nathans.... it's traditional company policy for any corporation to completely over-react when a customer GETS OFFENDED. bra bra bra, we strive for the greatest customer experience possible, we train our employees for ultimate customer satisfaction, we apologize, we apologize, our mission is diametrically opposed to that awful girl!)

this is one of my favorite things you've posted


I liked your link to a page about Comiket, because it ends with a picture of "burnable garbage." That's a pretty good definition for manga in general.

Unfortunately, there are always people who overreact. The internet allows anyone to post an opinion regardless of how strange, insulting or easily misinterpreted. People of strong opinion naturally feel they must disagree and make sure everyone in the world hears. This is how some girls, innocent blog becomes national news. Society has many legal protections from crime but do not apply to stupidity.

Be careful with your blog, Marie, or some otaku of snack food or strange architecture may take revenge. Never involve your place of work, either. There are many "news" people and companies who are very happy to find some easy way to destroy a business or person. Such wreckage will make the "news" organization more popular with people who think such things are important.

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