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Thursday, August 04, 2005



Hi There
Sometimes I will share this type funny news. I like Jam sandwich one. But these are true story?


Hi Mari,
Thank you for that link - it is really interesting! So many strange stories...
You always find such cool things on the internet :)
- suzy.


Hi there
Yes, they are so funny and they are all true story? I cannot eat same things everyday. It I have to do it, maybe I can eat yogurt only life for a while.

For me, Tokiokun's comment is funny to. Tokiokun did not do Uija board with other rabbits...ha ha ha So that I couldn't delete Tokio kun part from my backyard.


hahaha they are all so funny!!!


As Enstein said, human's stupidity (i like this word ;)) has no limits.
If You are eating 1000st sandwich or crisps (mmm... crisps) , You can silently whisper "I can swear i have seen it before".
But i mean not that. I have done or still doing lots of queer deeds (without ruining myself, of course), too. For example, dreamed for flying ability, having a katana (mmm... katana),
have studied celestial magic arts (The lesser/greater key of Solomon), did yoga for a long time, played piano while sitting in lotus possition for several days, never did physical education lessons at school, watched anime for days adn nights, thinking of a becoming a vampire, summoning a couple of demons, having army of shadow warriors, and, of course, i am not dreaming any nightmares.
i can ensure, that i dont look as a freak as You look at me,
i usually act normally near other people (maybe that's why lots of them think i'm "mensa") :).
Omg, i have slopped over all my heart..



クレア (Claire)

The 15-year-old kid who eats only jam sandwiches reminded me of my mother's classmate, Lowell Greenfield. His father was a lobsterman in Maine. Every school day for lunch, he had a peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich on white bread, without fail, from grade school through high school. As far as I know, Lowell became a lobsterman, too.

As for me, I can't imagine eating only that every single day! Especially knowing now of kurogomadare, thanks to Mari...I prefer that to peanut butter, although the brand (San-Iku) I found at Mitsuwa can't be put on toast.

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