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Friday, August 19, 2005



first of all... turtle jelly is bitter but it is made with sugar or you can add honey to it.... it does not provide blood warmth... it does the opposite... it is cooled and eaten on HOT days to remove the toxins that build up in the body by foods with blood warmth


I saw a show "Bizarre Foods Asia" that showed the Asadachi. The last time I was in Japan I tried to find it, but did not. If it is not a problem, could you tell me how to get there please? Thank you!


Hi there

First of all, remove tortoiseshell and cut meat. That is all. I have never eaten turtle but it is expensive food in Japan.

Blood warmth?? When I had operation inside my mouth, I really felt bad because of blood. I can't imagine drink blood warmth.


How's turtle prepare in Japanese cuisine???

クレア (Claire)

When I lived in Colorado, we called deep-fried steer balls "Rocky Mountain oysters". I never tried it, mainly because I never was at any restaurant that offered it. It might be good bar food, like something you might find in an izakaya.

I sure could go for unadon...it was nice and hot after spending all day in a very cold room at work. I think I get summer weariness more from being in such cold places than from being in the heat.



I like the eel sushi

and i like uni and taco

hope all is well and you survive the heat


Turtle jelly is bitter >_< but it's not bad ... lots of Malaysian-Chinese people eat it for blood warmth.

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