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Thursday, August 11, 2005



Hi There.
we can't enjoy "All base" stuff without knowing the game. it would not be translation funny. sorry sorry.


The holy grail of bad Japanese & Chinese (mostly tattoos):



Otaku will find it funny.




"All your base are belong to us" was never really funny. At first it only appealed to people who had played the Zero Wing port in question which had the bad translations in it. (which seemed to be an awful lot of people.) Then they told their friends it was cool, and it exploded from there. These days, most people still think it's funny, but it isn't. :-)

Is there a Japanese word for Japanese written by English speakers who don't know the language properly? "English is to Engrish as 日本語 is to _______?"


Wow...I thought the flash animation for "all your base are belong to us" was very funny. But, I agree with you. I am not sure why I did. I am amazed that you can always find these things on the Internet!

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