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Saturday, August 27, 2005


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today suddenly i decided to bake a cake and i got it here and i tried it it was best thanks


I need a new rice cooker. i want one that would last and most importantly i can make rice porridge w/. the cake baking function seem really cool. What brand and model is it that bakes cake? The problem is that I live in the US. Would we have the similar models w/ the same functions?


Hi There
I don't know why, rice cooker has animal name like Zozirushi(elephant), Tiger. Zojirushi is good enough. please try cooking!


Baking bread in a rice cooker was taught to us by Yakitate! Japan, and I always figured it would have to work for cake too.

It really makes me kick myself that we had to throw our rice cooker out a while back, when it started to break... good time for us to buy a new one, I think. :-)


Sorry if this is considered as self-advertisement but I made Cream of Broccoli using rice cooker recently! http://spaces.msn.com/members/felixcheung/Blog/cns!1psCo5xV_FqC7J8ccn2gdudg!1554.entry

Charles, maybe you can do what my friend Charles suggested to me. Take the leftover cooked rice, measure each bowl into a ziplock bag and freeze it. When you want to eat it, take it out of the ziplock bag, put it into the rice bowl and microwave until warm.

Since he is of Chinese heritage and picky about rice, I do not think he would have suggested this to me if it did not produce suitable results.

As for me, I usually leave my rice in the cooker because it has a keep-warm function. I just bought a 10 cup Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 so I can have people over for temaki parties and such. The smallest one Zojirushi sells in US is the 3 cup NHS-06.

You can make only one cup in it, no problem. I used to make two cups in my old 6 cup Zojirushi and it always came out fine.


Hey, maybe you can bake cake with yr rice cooker an take pictures!

Am curious! I have big family sized National rice cooker...


Charles, we have a Zojirushi 3-cup rice cooker (NS-KCC05)that we cook a single cup of rice in every day. It's perfect!


I have looked for years, but I have never found a rice cooker that is small enough to make just enough rice for ONE person. Even the smallest cooker takes 2 cups of rice, I need something that can make 1/2 cup.

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