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Tuesday, August 02, 2005



Some otaku I know (the American kind) are making efforts like those the Train Man took to improve themselves. So I ask that you don't count them out, ladies. They just may surprise you!


Hi Claire
Of course I must add, Otaku is hard to improve most case. he he he

Hi Robert
Ah you got a tons of tissue. Which store give you tissue, it means which type you looked for them.


oyaji-type? hmmm..is there a special name? Akihabara is pretty amazing! I made out like a thief...now I have so many free tissues to give as omiyage!! who needs the 100 yen store??!! Cant wait to visit Shinjuku. I heard it is a fun place!

クレア (Claire)

I know "Warai Otoko" from Ghost in the Shell. That is one of my favorite anime, one of the few that has a strong woman as the lead character. Maybe that is why I like it so well. I think guys like it more for the "fan service" aspect. So, Akibakei are pure, earnest, and kind...sounds interesting to me, although I am not the Gundam type ^_^

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