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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Urban Legends

Great stories. I'm going to try and find out more about all the japanese urban legends you mentioned. Thanks


The week leading up to Halloween in the autumn, is a horror month to me.


Thank you!


Hi there
Hmm interesting stories everybody has.
thank you for sharing them all. Ah Paul,
That picture is a cover of DVD. you can find more in this URL.


An oyaji sitting on top of your??? I am disappointed. My co-worker told me Brad Pitt sat on top of her once!!! Then she woke up.


i've had other hallucinations in my sleep paralysis. it's always scary.

i once saw a skeleton demon in a suit walking around my bedroom.

othertimes, i've heard footsteps coming toward me.

the worst was when i felt a hand moving over my blanket, on my back.

i was paralyzed so i couldn't do anything.

it's terrifying.

we 3 make a good little bunch here don't we.


Mari, can tell us where you got your illustration? It's beautiful and chilling. I followed all of the links, but did not see it on any of the pages.


I've never seen a ghost, but my grandmother did when she was younger. She was living in a third-story apartment and one night, she saw a little girl pushing a baby carriage. My grandmother was startled, because she didn't recognize the girl. But the girl kept walking and pushing the carriage, until the apparation disappeared.

The next night, my grandmother saw the girl again. But this time, she was determined to find out what was happening, so she called out to the girl. The girl looked up, saw my grandmother, then turned and ran away, terrified. She kept running, pushing her carriage...never stopped even when she reached the window at the end of the hall! The ghostly girl never appeared to my grandmother again.


Heehee... Mari-san has been thinking of middle-aged men? Anyway, I've seen a bit of an episode of the show above. It was a little scary but very interesting.


the ghost sitting on your chest is actually a common phenomena called sleep paralysis. please check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis . It happens to me too, but i am excited when it happens because you can turn it into a lucid dream! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dreaming . wikipedia daisuki.

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