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Monday, August 08, 2005



Excelsior looks pretty good!! The copy cat version of doraemon is like a cheap imitation crab leg!

クレア (Claire)

Want some real wasabi? Check this out. They make tasty salad dressing I used to buy in the supermarket when I lived in Denver. One day I will order some real wasabi from them. In the meantime, it's S&B for me...


Hi There
Regarding to counterfeit brand issue, I am very ashamed that many Japanese use/buy them. Some don't know it was conterfeit, some knew it and buy them on purpose ( cheap, feel easy for daily use). need to Respect for the original, originality.


There is also a very good, concise explanation and overview of Japan postal reform on Slate today:



Sounds like an interesting summer of politics for you.

We have "copy cat" products over here (USA) as well. Just remember S&B Wasabi is the only "real" wasabi even for this american idiot.

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