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Monday, August 29, 2005



hi mari,
I've been wanting to try making those yummy looking okonomiyakis... thanks for the links! Also tried your sesame sauce recipe for tofu-- loved it!
p.s. I have a good rice cooker cookbook -- no cake recipes but there are custards and desserts :)


I never tried Yoshida sauce myself, but it seems very very popular in the the US!

Which sauce did you try? I would like to try the barbecue sauce at least


Hi there ha ha ha
Yes I confused Yoshida and Yamada. Thank you Johan. Anyway to be honest with you, my impression was it is so wately. Mizuppoi. Nobody think like that?


Wah! Costco is in Japan too?

Do they have the Y150 foot long kosher polish/hot dog with a coke deal too? =)


I have met Mr. Junki Yoshida. He is the creator of the sauces. He lives in the same city as I do. Which is Troutdale, Oregon. He's a local celebrity and I waited on him in a restaurant. He's also on local tv in a small cooking segment. Basically he's just an expat who made a good business for himself. He's funny on TV but in person he's really not haha.


Thx so much Mari for sharing the Okonomiyaki recipes. I just love crepes ! ^-^


Umm... It's "Yoshida" sauce, and not "Yamada" sauce.

There was an episode of "Bari Bari Value" a few months ago that portraid the founder of the company. It was quite interesting.

You can find Yoshida sauce at some of the import stores in Tokyo, like Nisshin, National Azabu, etc.

クレア (Claire)

I have seen this Yoshida sauce at Costco, but it comes in such big bottles that I will never use it all up. Here is the English site if anyone is interested.

I never see Doro sauce here in Mitsuwa, only Ikari, Bulldog, Otafuku. (And there are many Osakans in Chicago.) Now, if Otafuku is a Hiroshima brand, then why is it the only takoyaki sauce I can find? And why does Mitsuwa sell cheese flavored mayonnaise now instead of karashi mayo? 知りません・・・・


Yamada teriyaki sauce is awesome!!!

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