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Friday, August 26, 2005


Robert Morein

Does anyone still read this blog? I live in Guam, and would love to open Yoshinoya-style restaurant. Me and Japanese friend have been experimenting with recipe but can't get it exactly right.

We'd pay if someone could find us a Yoshinoya operations manual.


Well, as far as I can tell, the closest Yoshinoya to me is down in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California).

I've been to Yoshinoya in LA recently, but it just dun taste the same. That is why I said that I miss gyudon...that is, the Yoshinoya they serve in Japan!

Was watching Samurai Champloo and characters went to Yoshinoya to eat. Except time period is during Edo period!!!

クレア (Claire)

There is a very good gyuudon and kare raiisu chain in Denver called Kokoro. I miss that, and Oshima Ramen, which was the only branch of that ramen shop outside of Tokyo. There are days when I want to go to Denver just to eat at those places, not to see any of my friends there or anything else... Shame on me! I have not found anywhere in Chicago that serves such food, although there is quite a large Japanese population, not even near Mitsuwa Marketplace. Kare raiisu is easy, thanks to S&B and House Brand, but ramen and gyuudon are less soと思います。


Hi there.
Japanese are also over react for Yoshinoya(not for BSE I think), We never thought beef bowl dissapear from Yoshinoya so easily. But it happened. It happened then we realized howw BSE problem is such serious issue. I felt like that.


I'd give my left arm for a Yoshinoya in Oregon. :(


Yeah, I miss gyudon too!


There was more than one case of mad cow from Canada.

In fact, the mad cow that caused Japan to block beef imports from the US, came FROM CANADA.

Pretty ironic how people forget that, eh?


It is pretty ironic that the US cattle industry is upset about this, after they tried so hard to block Canadian beef imports to America after only ONE case of mad cow disease. Seems they are only interested in free trade when it benefits themselves financially.

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