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Monday, August 15, 2005



hi!! hajimemashite
i've seen your page occasionally and i would like to ask you about the yukata paper pattern.How can i found it? Thks for interesting topic.^_^


Hi There
I agree, Kimono and Yukata can fit straight and flat body, but that part is adjustable by towel or something. I think foreign people can't find their size. that is the problem. Many foreigner wear too short. They can find their size, long enough. Maybe looks nicer.


Hi Mari,
This is only my 2nd summer living in Tokyo, but it seems like there are lots more people wearing Yukata this year than last year. I like it, because the patterns are beautiful and it's nice when traditional dress is kept alive. I think it looks great when some of the young girls wear yukata with modern accessories; it looks very cool and contemporary.
In response to Ude: is it true that yukata are best for people with straight bodies? When I learned to wear yukata they said that if you have a small waist you should wrap a towel around it, so that the yukata hangs in a neat cylinder. What do you think!



i see picture now. not bad, not bad. too bad the store you link has very expensive yukata for men.


ohayo mari!

what the heck? men wear yukata?

クレア (Claire)

At Gion Matsuri Parade, our class would wear yukata (even guys!) and geta...


I also think that yukata are wonderful. So many styles and colors. On my last visit, some friends gave me two lightweight sets of jimbei which are informal home wear for men. This time I'm getting a set of samue which is similar to the jimbei but with slightly heavier material and longer pants: www.samue-e.com/goods1104.php They're all cotton and so should still be good for Hawaii climate.


It's good to see more people wearing Yukatas. I think girls look really nice in them and it's interesting seeing the different Yukata colors and patterns. I purchased one myself a month ago and while I must admit I haven't worn it in public, it's the most comfortable sleeping clothes I've ever worn. It also helps protect me from getting bitten by mosquitoes..


Very nice to hear that there is a yukata boom going on in Japan, because it simply is a beautiful clothing and a piece of traditional Japan I hope will never fade away from the streets of Japan.

As for foreigners wearing a yukata, in my eyes it does feel a bit "unnatural" for some reason. I guess I see it so strongly as a part of Japanese identity and culture that it loses some of its meaning when its wearer isn't Japanese.

That said, I've always enjoyed wearing a yukata myself when staying in a ryokan and thought many times of buying one for myself for home usage. :)


I'm wondering if yukata would look awful on women with very straight bodies, i.e. with thick waistline


hello Mari,
interesting subject, i remember being really pleased each time i saw a japanese woman in yukata when i was in tokyo last year and there were many. What do you thing about gaijin wearing yukata ? My friend (who are very long time fans of Japan) made their dream come true and bought some last year and wore it right away in the streets. People were smiling but nobody really cared.. is it frequent and do you find it ridiculous, funny, hot ?
See those pictures: http://sebastien.grisey.free.fr/yukata/
A+ Seb.

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