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Monday, September 26, 2005


Debt Consolidation

Unquestionably a surpassing position and I agree.

Debt Consolidation

Sure an amusive interpret and tremendously apprised perceptiveness.


Hi there
Avex does not react to 2channel yet. I don't think 2 channel will stop only this, maybe their will arrange another Avex's artists. I am looking forward to next step.


Aha! I never knew the back story of the cat, when I wrote about the recent Numa Numa (that's how it's referred to outside Japan) phenomena on my blog:


I still tink the "original" Numa Numa Dance is pretty funny, although maybe mostly in a sad sad way..... ;-)


So that explains it. I follow a blog about Akihabara (in Japanese) and they keep posting pictures of Nomaneko promotions and apparently 2channeler's messages written on them.

I didn't know the story until now.

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