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Friday, September 23, 2005



asimov was very wise.

he knew there'd be big trouble if we didn't program all robots to NOT kill anybody. (before he started writing things, all robot-fiction involved robots turning against their masters.)

unfortunately, that's exactly what the military would want. i think they're working on it right now: robotic killers. south korea, for example. i read an article yesterday.


Hi Dan
I agree, Asimov said robot can't kill people?
I think you really like robots :-)
when I was young I loved monsters of Ultraman, Kamen rider and I did not have interests for robot.


i like those robot pictures that you linked.

a lot of boys (and girls?) love robots. it's true. when i was young, i loved Transformers and Robotech. and of course when i was young, i never realized that all the source material came from a very particular place that i didn't know i was familiar with: Japan. (same thing, for all the videogames i loved.)

i don't like weapons or violence now though, and all robotech were machines of destruction and death. i'd like to have robotic fish exploring the ocean for us. or robotic bird-balloons floating around and acting as network transmitters. or carrying packages across mountains and sea. mecha with guns and missiles are scary to me now.

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