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Sunday, September 11, 2005



Hi Sonia
I was impressed Fukuoka and nagasaki is so close each other. I prefer Fukuoka, Nagasaki is tour place for me.


I live in Fukuoka-ken and my boyfriend lives in Sasebo so I often visit both places. I prefer Nagasaki prefecture, even though there's more to do in Fukuoka, but maybe that's because I associate it with weekends...


Hi There
I got a flight to Nagasaki and went to Hakata by JR train KAMOME. It was great train. I was so impressed. Much better than Shinkansen. Since I love Imo Jyochu. I will go to Kagoshima next time.


Sooo what did you do in Hakata? Did you take JR down?

I remember the big plaza in front of JR Hakata Station, having coffee and listening to the hourly chimes in the morning.

That was before I left for Kagoshima on my last big Japan trip. Did you go?


Sorry I've not been around... was busy with my work. I'm a Christian and I'm glad there's freedom in Japan now for Japanese to hear the wonderful Gospel! =)
My school is looking into the possibility of a cultural exchange with Nagasaki!

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