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Wednesday, September 21, 2005



This is my first time visiting your site and i must say i like it alot.
Your message was an educationa read.
I will surely check back here more often!



Hi there
My all american friend are angry with small portion of food. Especially bergur is small they said. For them, it is one bite size :-)

I am

i have a friend from tokyo. she knows i have a huge appetite, and i usually complain about food prices here in the town where i live. (we go to university here.)

she warned me never to try eating in tokyo, because the prices and portions would give me a nervous breakdown.

soba for 300 yen sounds good to me, though. unless it's tiny.... o_o


The falling cost of airfares is probably the most noticeable thing from where I stand, as I'm planning a trip over there. Their quoted round-trip from Australia to Japan for $400 per person is too good to be true. So far, I've seen it fall to $1000 per person, which is still about $800 less than it was when I first started looking.

If I can really find a $400 fare, that moves heaps of spare money to the budget, which greatly increases the options for accommodation and/or food and/or Akihabara spending frenzy. :-D

Or maybe it just absorbs the surcharge we'll incur by travelling in April.

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