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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Frank Weilderkrankler

There hasn't been a regular Taco Bell in Japan in over 15 years. Yum! Brands still currently does not have any plans to open one again either. There IS a Taco Bell on the Yokota Air Base.
Too bad Wendy's just closed all 71 of its restaurants in Japan a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps someone else will pick up the franchise deal.


I live in the US and am doing a school project on Starbucks Japan. I am looking for a Japan TV commercial. Do you know of a web-address that I can download for the school project? Thank you for your help!
Have a good day!


My friends and I are here in Nagoya, Japan, studying for the year. A couple of them are dying for Taco Bell, and since you mention that "there is a taco bell in nagoya, has been there for over 15 years" would you be able to email me the directions? Thank you for your time~


there is a taco bell in nagoya, has been there for over 15 years


Hi there
Hmm sounds like all fast food chain in the world have some trouble. Well I like tacos bell, but actually i will eat once three months when it comes...

Salsa Cabana in Yotusya?? Wow Okay I will try. Thank you Kirk


Hi Mari
You should try Salsa Cabana in Yotusya. They have good Mexican food and it is not too expensive. But it is not fast food...

Martin ;)

Stop supporting these companies!

TOKYO — McDonald's Holdings Co (Japan) said Friday it has cut its group net profit projection for 2005 by nearly 99% from its earlier estimate, due largely to extraordinary losses related to costs for correcting insufficient past payments to its part-time and regular workers.

The company said it will pay 2.2 billion yen in unpaid wages to over 100,000 workers, re
troactive to August 2003...

(From Japan Today 2005-10-01)


Hi There

One Taco shell(hard taco 12 sheets ) is 900yen or so in Japan. But when I eat Mexican at restaurant, every meal is over 1000yen. I don't know why they set price like that. Maybe there are nice Mexican restaurant in the U.S. But Taco Bell is enough. I hope they come.


I love Mexican food! But I do not know if taco bell would be the best introduction, it is more like mexican food you eat when you haev been drinking all night.

Then again, maybe that would work in Tokyo.


I love Wendy's - but there are too few of them in Japan!!! They simply have the best burgers. I would also love for Taco Bell to start up in Japan, but I don't know if they would be successful.

One restaurant (almost fast food) I really really miss is "Johnny Rockets" which was located close to Roppongi Crossing (now there's a Jonathan's there). If you ever been there you know why I miss it. It was a like a 50's style American diner with great milkshakes and hamburgers.


I was embarassed to go to Denny's for the first time in Japan until I discovered the morning set -- with natto! Then I was in heaven. It was good and cheap and I ate there almost every morning for a while. I really like to have Japanese breakfast in Japan; my Japanese friends think this is funny, but it is my favorite kind of breakfast!


Burger King in trouble in Britain, beacuse the ice cream "swirl" represented on the lid resembled the symbol of Allah:


(Funny in a sad kind of way!)

Oh, I like tacos too!!


The Japanese shop's here, according to my GF, americanize the Japanese food as well.

Hope you are well.

Margaret Pearce

I simply love this blog.

I am Dali

personally, the only way to my heart is tacos.

i love tacos. but i don't like Taco Bell.

i buy soy/vegetable crumblers (it's like cooked ground beef), throw taco powder over it, heat it up, stick it in a shell, throw on some MONTEREY jack cheese. couple spoonfuls of salsa.

roll up the shell.

my family thinks i'm crazy because i eat tacos all the time. i'm also lucky to live in a town with great ethnic food, so there's a fantastic mexican food shop with great tacos. i stop in for lunch all the time, from work.



Taco Bell is good stuff. It's affordable and great for late night snacking...

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